Can you spot the cleverly camouflaged critters?

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It’s time again to test your visual Sherlock skills against these hide-and-seek champions from around the natural world. How many can you see?

Can you spot the marmot? These large ground squirrels don’t have fluffy tails but will whistle loudly, especially when startled, which totally blows their cover. Image by Photo Phiend

These mountain goats at the San Diego Wild Animal Park blend right into the hillside. Image by Thai Yin

Big creatures can play the camouflage game too, like this elephant at Kruger National Park in South Africa. Image by Kieran Lamb

This little grasshopper is doing his best to look like grass. Image by Ale-Zan

Impalas at Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania, look an awful lot like the surrounding trees. There’s more than one in this picture. How many can you see? Image by David d’O

Kudus are excellent at becoming part of the scenery, like this one in Hoedspruit, Limpopo, South Africa. Related to antelope, kudus have a couple other tools in their survival kit; they can run for miles without resting and have a standing vertical jump of five feet. Image by Adrian Sevitz

This Grey Heron is fishing incognito. Image by Char

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the sea floor from the flounder off the coast of Kona, Hawaii. Image by Steve Jurvetson

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